Mabrika! (Welcome) to our site. Mi Naturalé (Me-Nah-Too-Rah-Leh) is a mobile self-care service. We provide in-home, office and location-based professional and customized massage and stretch therapy services for all. We provide a variety of massage styles including our most popular; deep tissue, sports massage and Swedish. We also develop customized soaps, creams, and oils that are tailored for optimum absorption to the skin, facial and beard area. Originally this began solely as a skin-care line but it has blossomed into so much more we hope to work with you in the future and we wish you many blessings on your personal self-care journey.

We use all natural oils and creams

we only use organic and non-gmo ingredients for our clients.

We can customize scents

we also can do UNscented.

We only use pure essential oils

100% pure, no fillers. no snake oils.